26.09.2005 12:32:32Снять и проверить ЭЦП - binary write Ответов: 1
Sorry for writing in english, but I can’t write in russian ...
I have a problem for action "Снять и проверить ЭЦП".
I sign my page content with "windows-1251" encoding, but after "Снять и проверить ЭЦП" i can’t see the page properly.
The problem is because criptopro creates binary write file and Internet Explorer doesn’t show information correctly.

If i open the file with Notepad and made only Save,... reopen... and all is working fine.

Is there a way to resolve the prbolem ?

if the content of the page is in english characters there is no problem
27.09.2005 12:38:21Kirill Sobolev
Yes - convert your binary output to text (base64 e.g).