11.03.2005 12:04:42Recover signed data - CAPICOM Ответов: 4
I have data which is in byte array encrypted with public key which is also as byte array. How is possible to recover original data using CAPICOM and public key?
11.03.2005 12:10:09Kirill Sobolev
Impossible, 2 reasons at least:
1) To decrypt data encrypted with public key you need corresponding private key
2) CAPICOM doesn’t work with keys, it works only with certificates
11.03.2005 12:24:21Letcho
I miss one point, my data is signed using private key, i have public and wanna to recover it using CAPICOM.
11.03.2005 13:38:23Kirill Sobolev
You can’t use public key with CAPICOM without certificate of public key owner.
11.03.2005 14:48:23Yury
...But you can do it without CAPICOM, only with "basic cryptographic functions" (CryptDecrypt etc.)