12.02.2002 13:50:12Authenticode signature Ответов: 1
Anton Soudovtsev
Hi all,
Sorry for writing in english, but I don't have russian keyboard...

I try to sign MS executables with the Authenticode compliant signature.
I've do the following :
1) Hash the bin file using ImageGetDigestStream
2) Sign the hash using CryptSignHash
3) Write the signature using ImageAddCertificate to the bin file

When I use chktrust.exe to verify my exec it tells me that the signature doesn't correspond to the file's content...
Actually there's no much examples or doc on how
Authenticode works inside...

Any comments are welcome,
12.02.2002 14:32:22kure
Мы не пользовались этими функциями. Мы пользуем SignCode.
Попробуйте посмотреть на http://discuss.microsoft.com/archives/authenticode.html

Вроде Peter Gutman или Dr. Hensen описывал формат данных Authenticode